Hiding in Eden
Mark Zobel

“Where are you?”
You called out to the two,
after it all went horribly wrong,
and they hid themselves from You.

As if You did not know,
for no one hides from You,
their hubris and their selfishness,
Your friendship did imbrue.

And no amount of fig leaves
could ever hide the shame;
such a shallow, empty gesture,
a cheap denial of Your Name.

For Your Name is Love,
and Love sees it all,
the mess and the masterpiece,
coinciding in the Fall.

But now my name is Evil,
and the mess is all I see.
My vision long since blinded,
by pride and vanity.

Love of sin now has me,
trapped inside a cage.
Money, status, power,
the fig leaves of my age.

"Where are You?"
I call out now to You,
I am told Your Love endures,
yet still I hide from You.

Posted by Mark Zobel