Category: Photography

Crystal Lake: Early April

This series of photographs is closely related to the previous one: Crystal Lake in March. I shot these while on a walk on the western side of the lake, experimenting this time with panoramic shots and 16:9 aspect ratios. All of these were shot with a filter designed to sharpen contrast.

The South Forty: Early April

The South Forty is the nickname I have given to our backyard, which is actually a wooded double lot. It is like having a miniature wooded acreage in the city. This early spring period is a great time for black-and-white photography as there a lot of lines and sharp edges owing to the foliage not being fleshed out yet.

Crystal Lake in March

Located in Dakota County within walking distance of where I live, Crystal Lake is bordered on the west by undeveloped land, which means woods and walking trails. These photographs were taken in mid-to-late March as the lake was thawing out. No leaves on the trees means a lot of clearly defined lines and contours, which were then processed with a high-contrast filter.