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Welcome to! I tend to write across three broad categories: Development Work, Leadership, and Productivity (from the angle of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, a.k.a. GTD®). This is mostly because I tend to locate my professional life at the intersection of these three spheres, and writing about them helps clarify my thinking in a way that no other activity does.  If this is your first time visiting, you might try starting off with some of the more popular and widely read posts listed below.

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Category: “Development Work”

A Guided Tour of the Donor Bill of Rights

Gone in 20 Seconds: Grabbing Attention in Direct Mail Appeals
direct mail appeals

Before Your Next Appeal Goes Out, Check the “You” Factor
written letter

What Gets Read First In Direct Mail Appeals
direct mail


Category: “Leadership”

4 Ways to Avoid Being an Absentee Leader
empty chair


Category: “How I GTD®…”

How I GTD: What a “Mind Like Water” Can Do
drops of water creating a ripple effect

How I GTD: My First Big Breakthrough
workflow chart

How I GTD: Failure is an Option
light bulb

How I GTD: My 5 “Nonnegotiables” For Task Management Apps
Cell Phone